Save energy, save the world

Do you want to solve critical problems in the fight against climate change? Do you want to participate in an international and interdisciplinary team? Do you want to benefit from the experience of high-level professionals? Take part in the E4C student challenge. This year we are tackling energy consumption.

2023 Edition E4C Student Challenge

At the end of 2022, following the almost total cessation of Russian gas deliveries to Europe and the lack of availability of the French nuclear fleet, the call for sobriety has resulted in a reduction of about 8% in electricity consumption. This very encouraging energy saving effort must be continued and completed by measures to improve energy efficiency (thermal insulation of buildings, less energy consuming systems, etc.) to reduce final energy consumption by 40 to 50% by 2050, which is one of the objectives of the national strategies to achieve carbon neutrality and get out of dependence on fossil fuels, in line with international commitments.

The solutions, whether high-tech, low-tech or a combination of both, must allow us to achieve these goals. In this challenge, we propose to interdisciplinary groups of students to think about how to achieve this on a case study with a concrete problem from everyday life.


Why participate?

This challenge is an unique opportunity to design a project with a strong social impact, while gaining experience in an interdisciplinary teamwork: an asset for your professional life!

More than a hundred students were welcomed for the past editions, divided into groups of 4 to 7, and coming from 9 Grandes Ecoles and Universities.

You can now register from and create your team or join a team. Based on the proposed case study, you need first to work on a "present scenario" and submit it until the 24th of February. Over the next month, your team will work on possible solutions for a more efficient use of energy, improving this "present scenario". This process will be accompanied by a mentor. You will have to present your solutions through an explanatory note and a video-pitch.


Prices and incentives

Winning prizes includes: 

  • 1st place: 3000€ per group 
  • 2nd place: 2000€ per group
  • 3rd place: 1000€ per group
  • 4th to 10th place: green gift card per participant 

The winning team will also have the opportunity to present their project at the EuroTeQaThon, at CTU (Prague) with all fees funded, thanks to a collaboration with EuroteQ.

+ For students coming from Polytechnique: Credits valid to certificate "développement durable"

During the project you will be challenged to:


Apply specific technical skills and knowledge from your academic background in an operational project.


Articulate your skills and knowledge in a multidisciplinary context to develop cross-cutting solutions to a chosen question.


Use a scientific and technical approach to propose solutions that are economically viable as well as socially responsible.